fillet epoxy bag idea


I followed the directions on my Skerry for the first couple of sets of fillets, and was not happy with the results I got using a ziplock bag.  It was hard to squeeze, hard to get the corner cut right.  I found some grout bags (also called mortar bags) at the local big box home store which are basically heavy duty pastry bags, cloth with vinyl coating and a reinforced tip.  They cost 4.50 or so each, but I only needed 2 of them.  They are stiffer, easier for me to load, the tip was about the right size right off, and was able to more easily and cleanly roll the bag down to the epoxy and squeeze it out more evenly.  Your mileage may vary and of course they are one use only with epoxy, so not as cheap.  But, for the price of time and material already in the boat, it's really nothing if it saved me a wasted pot of epoxy, and extra hours of cleanup, sanding and refilleting ( which happened before).  Just an idea for others. It worked for me.

You do need to keep a good pace once the goop is in the bag.  It's a fairly large blob, your hands warm it, and the heavier bag doesn't let the heat out so it kicked faster than I expected the first time.

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RE: fillet epoxy bag idea


   For fillets I'm more of a cardboard palette and rounded plastic spreader kind of guy, but I've never had a problem with ziploc freezer bags.

If you have to have a store bought solution, disposable pastry bags make a lot more sense than mortar bags:

RE: fillet epoxy bag idea

I used disposable pastry bags purchased from Amazon.

Hand-E-Grip 18"  100 per box - $17.14

Fileting was the easiest part of the project

RE: fillet epoxy bag idea

   Yep, you are right that pastry bags would work just as well and be cheaper.  I just happened to find these at the local home store while picking up other stuff.  Plus I purely hate Amazon, so I avoid dealing w/ them.  If I'd been thinking, I'd have stopped at the local restaurant equipment dealer and probably found the pastry bags there for cheap.  BTW, if you have one near you, restaurant supplies/equipment stores can be very good/cheap places for good kitchen stuff, and a lot of them don't really enforce the wholesale/retail difference.  I've just walked in and done good shopping.

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