Launch day, Chesapeake 16lt & 17lt

After 13 months of being a "cellar dweller" I completed my builds and my wife and I were able to paddle these two fine kayaks. Yesterday was the maiden voyage, a short loop on a nearby fresh water creek. Today was the real test a three hour paddle, on the Barnegat Bay, launching from Island Beach State Park and paddling out towards the inlet. Too much wind and chop to attempt the inlet, but the boats performed very well.  

Some pictures of the completed boats below, construction pics here: sorry, my blog is not up to date, apparently I write even slower than I build. 

Completed weights: 17lt - 47.5lbs 16lt - 44lbs

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RE: Launch day, Chesapeake 16lt & 17lt

   Very nice! Now finish up that blog and get started on the next boat!

George K

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