Small Craft Festival This Weekend and Weather

We're watching Tropical Storm Joaquin with some apprehension.  There's the possibility of truly sporting weather this Saturday for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michaels.

We are planning to have a collection of boats available for trials, but if it's raining anvils and churchbells and blowing old boots, we may elect to watch the weather from someplace dry and warm.

Currently the predictions for Joaquin are (literally) all over the map.  Watch this space for updates.  We'll make the call on Friday morning.

Options range from calling the game to proceeding with a fleet of boats as planned.  Or, depending on our read of conditions, we might do something in-between like just bring PocketShip and the Southwester Dory, rugged boats that are ideal for giving rides when it's blowing dogs off chains.

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RE: Small Craft Festival This Weekend and Weather

   You've got some fine expressions there John! Best I've found to date has been toad-strangler.

RE: Small Craft Festival This Weekend and Weather

We just received this update from the Small Craft Festival's organizers:

"The most recent forecast is calling for 5 to 8 inches of rain over the weekend (we got almost 2 inches last night), with a chance of winds out of the north east up to 60 knots.  Obviously, this could change between now and the weekend, but we have to make decisions now with everyone's safety in mind.  The gunkholing trip has been cancelled, as has the Model Expo.  Before the end of today, CBMM will decide whether to cancel MASCF XXXIII or not.  We are already well into our hurricane preparations - moving boats out of harms way and securing anything that can turn into an airborne hazard.  Stay tuned, folks."

We'll keep you in the loop, and we'll be emailing everyone who RSVP'd for the event once we know more.

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