building Skerry sail lug rig

I'm actually at the point where I'm finishing up the spars.  I trial fit the mast in the mast step. It seems to be loose enough that I'd think of making a couple of small mast chocks to wedge in between the mast and the partners and the step.  What is normal practice? I have some hard polypropylene I could machine/sand to a nice taper.

 I'd think it will wobble a bit much in light airs and sloppy seas.  I'm used to bigger, stayed rigs where the partners are always chocked, or my old Sailfish, which had a more precision fit between the round aluminum mast and the mast socket.

Also, the instructions call for drilling a downhaul hole in the seat next to the partners, but the lug rig instructions call for a cleat on the mast.  I'm thinking the hole could be used for a mast restraint, even if it isn't the sail downhaul.


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RE: building Skerry sail lug rig

   Some folks add leather to step and partner. Protects the mast a bit. I enlarged the holes in mine to accomidate leather, you might be able to skip that step. Used contact cement, seems to hold up fine.



RE: building Skerry sail lug rig

   Inviting John's and others comments/corrections...(mine is a Dory but same principle)

John has always said to be careful to leave some wiggle room for the mast in the step and partner, else you may find yourself in a comedic adventure of not being able to get the mast out sometime out on the water when you most want to get it out due to binding up.   I was going to leather the inside of the partner hole but never got around to it so I have a good quarter inch space around the mast in the partner and all is fine.  I get a reassuring clunk on every tack when the daggerboard and mast adjust themselves to the wind being on the new side of the sail so just make sure you leave enough room to get the mast out easily.

About the wedges, never did but I know one builder that used wedges like you illustrate...if I recall he used pieces of the yellow epoxy spreaders from CLC.

Let us know what you end up doing!



RE: building Skerry sail lug rig


   I think I'll be making some wedges but y'all have a point that I should make allowance for an easy way to pull or knock them loose when I want.  I just don't like the idea of the rig going "thunk" each tack.


RE: building Skerry sail lug rig


Wedges are used in larger, decked sailing boats and ships.

My experience with an open Amesbury Skiff is that there will be times on the water when one needs to be able it reduce windage in a hurry by unstepping the mast --- like when a sudden, black, summer squall line (that you're not going to outrun) is bearing down on you.

Adequate wiggle room at the mast partners is a safety feature.  Using leather on the partners to limit wear on the mast is a time-proven technique. In my opinion, wedges in an open boat are downright dangerous.  There are times in an open boat that seconds matter, and banging out wedges could waste precious seconds.



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