Skerry hardware kit anomalies


OK, I have to ask.  What's the threaded plastic knob for in the hardware kit?  For adjustable friction on the kickup rudder?  It's not mentioned in the directions, but that's all I can think.  A fluted knob like that could be a nice snagging point for a line.  

Also, it looks like there's no jam cleat in the kit as shown on the rudder rigging diagram.  I can think of a couple of ways to rig it, and since I'm going to the Annapolis Sailboat show, I'm sure I will be shopping around the hardware.  What's worked for folks?  I'm thinking a closed clamcleat like this:

And maybe put it further up than shown to make it easier to reach.

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RE: Skerry hardware kit anomalies


If you're going to the Annapolis SailBoat Show, you'll be within (long) walking distance (about 2 miles) of the CLC showroom & shop.  You could get your answers right from the manufacturer, as well as any parts that were left out of the kit.


RE: Skerry hardware kit anomalies


I ordered my Skerry Gunter Rig two years ago at Fyneboats (England) and had some questions about the hardware and the rigging manual. As for the button they replied that the button is actually meant for the rudder, the original lock utility is very inconvenient (especially with wet and cold hands so they had included a large wing nut).
I also had a missing camcleat. They offered to send one directly, but I have bought an automatic clamcleat CL257 instead.

For the rudder setup I use a pull up and pull down an line, through an eye on the aftbreasthook to camcleats on the inner side of aft inwhale. The CL257 is obviously for the pulldown line. 

Do you have the gunter rig? The manual is not quite optimal - in part with examples of another boat model. On the internet there are only a few examples and pictures of Gunter rigged skerries. I can send you some information about the rigging.


RE: Skerry hardware kit anomalies

I live not far from 'Naptown, so I have better access to boat gear than many. The Show is neat because you can often pick up lots of hardware small or large at good prices.

   No, I decided on the balanced lug rig.  Simpler, and I'll be sailing by myself mostly.  I've boated and sailed for a long while, so I know that no rig ever stays just as drawn because it will evolve, but just wanted to see what's being done. This is my first small sailboat in a long while, and the first I've built.


RE: Skerry hardware kit anomalies


I will soon be setting up a Gunter rig on my Skerry.  I agree it is awkward shifting back and forth between 2 different instruction manuels.  On top of that, this is my first sailboat so I don't have any experience to draw on.  Any additional information you can provide would be very helpful.

Thank you very much! 

Hooper Williams

Brevard, NC

[email protected] 

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