Two piece SUP

Has anyone built or thought about building a 2 piece Kaholo? SEEYA Jack

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RE: Two piece SUP

No, but _now_ I am! (as if I needed more ideas...) It seems you'd want to avoid a seam in the standing area, so a three piece might be the way to go. More options for transport that way, too.


RE: Two piece SUP

 Cool idea!  Yes, I would go with three pieces because ther would be much less stress on the area /joint where you  stand.  Perhaps you would join the sections with about 3/4 x 3" by 36" long splines/rods slid into each section.  Total of six for a three piece board.

RE: Two piece SUP

3 piece and splines is what I'm thinking . Carbon fiber for the splines and socketts to keep weight down. Tappered pegs through the deck and spline to hold it together and I think it's a done deal. SEEYA  

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