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Ok, so I have the "worm shoe" on my skerry's skeg but realized after trying it the first time there's going to be a lot of dragging on sand, etc. so wonder if others have put a SS or brass 1/2 round on the skeg.  I'm painting now, and it just seems like the brightsides is going to get nibbled off of the skeg before anywhere else.


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RE: metal rub strip

   I put a SS strip on my dory skeg and very glad I did. You will also see how quickly the nose grinds down on groundings. I may put a piece on there this winter.

RE: metal rub strip

I used one of these from CLC on the skeg fpr my sailing dinghy after it got chewed up by the rocks on Matapeake Beach at Okoumefest. Still going strong.

CLC used to sell a kit of tapered bits with countersinks that I used to mount the strips so that the screw heads didn't protrude. I can't find that here anymore.

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RE: metal rub strip

   Harbor Frieght.

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