Dead rise(?) - Chesapeake 17


I started stitching the bottom panels to the side panels today and progressed most of the way, starting with the bow and alternatng sides per the manual and video.   I found  that around 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the hull the bottom turned pretty flat and remains so for a good part of the boat. I can pull it up (pulling on the centerline wires) or pushing from the inside, though when I did that I discovered that I apparently twisted the wires too tightly preventing efficient movement in the panels.  I have gone back and loosened the wires but I am really not sure how to identify or manage the correct angle of the deadrise - if that is the correct term.  Because of the flex in the side panels there seems to be a pretty wide range of results.  I must be missing something here or may be overthinking but I know what I have produced isn't correct. Thanks




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RE: Dead rise(?) - Chesapeake 17

First install your bulkheads, and wire the bottom panels to them. Then set your saw horses directly under the bulkheads. Next stand back about 5 feet and eyeball/sight along the keel line for any bulges or dents. Bulges need to be carefully sanded out, and dents can be fixed by loosening the wires and inserting toothpicks or wedges. Good luck, JRC.

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