Chesapeake 17 stern alignment

i have completed almost all the stitching on my Chesapeake 17 and I find that the stern end of the bottom panels are just shy of a 1/4 " longer than the point on the side panels they are supposed to meet.  The bow end is close to aligned.  Is the 1/4 " something I need to identify the cause of and fix or I simply sand/shave to fix this?  Also, the closest I can wire the bottom to the sides is about 8" from the stern.  The space between the side panels closer to the stern is too narrow for my hands to work in. Is this ok?  Thanks

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RE: Chesapeake 17 stern alignment

1. If at the bow, the side and bottom panels are aligned, and you have no twist in the bottom panels at the ends, then you can sand the panels to make them fit. 1/4 inch isn't too bad. On my first boat we didn't get the bottom panels lined up right, we ended up with the bow pointed one way and the stern pointed the other.

2. At the bow and stern, if the panels stay in alignment, you don't need more stirches. If you need more, you can loop the wire all the way through both sides, and use some scrap the make little braces to hold things in place untill the glue dries. Good luck, JRC.  

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