Wiring bulkheads and spacers in Shearwater Sport

Hi folks - at the wiring together stage and have a question about the bulkheads and temporary transverse spacers.  Where two long pieces meet, for example the bottom and side panels of the hull, if there is a bulkhead/spacer there, both of the long pieces have a pair of holes near the seam between them.  However there is only one corresponding hole in the bulkhead/spacer.  So which panel gets wired to the transverse piece, the bottom or the side?  Or is there some way to use all four holes in the two long pieces?  Or am I missing something here?

It's the same issue for all the transverse pieces in the hull and the deck:  wherever there is a seam between two long pieces, there is one hole in the transverse piece but two choices on whatever long piece it would get wired to.

Thanks for any advice.



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RE: Wiring bulkheads and spacers in Shearwater Sport

I recently built a shearwater and had similar experiences.  

in a nutshell, while they make most of the holes you will need, you will find that you will need to drill a couple holes yourself.  so i just made another hole in the bulkhead that got the job done.  fwiw...you will not see any additional holes in the bulkhead....they will be under the fillet when you fillet the bulkheads in.  and if its just a temporary bulkhead/spacer....well it is just scrap wood when you remove it.

i did also have to make several additional holes in the deck and hull pieces.  those i was a bit more careful about to ensure they were matched/looked ok.  i used the smallest bit i could find that would accept the wire for this activity.



RE: Wiring bulkheads and spacers in Shearwater Sport

Will do.  Thanks for the advice.  I've already had to drill out several holes that either weren't drilled all the way through or got covered with epoxy near the puzzle joints.  Used a 1/16 in bit, which looks to me to be the same size as the pre-drilled holes.


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