Rounded or squared inwales?

Below are some pics of two different spacered inwales. I took these while dry (trial) fitting my boat. Which look better the normal squared spacers or the rounded ones?


squared spacersquared spacerrounded spacer

And of course... the obligatory "how many clamps do you have?" Pic

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RE: Rounded or squared inwales?

It's entirely a personal preference.  I went with squared inwales (with the edges relieved by sanding because I thought they looked good -- and also because we have an ancient (100 year old) Old Town canoe which has inwales formed from the ends of it's ribs -- and they are thus squared. Some prefer rounded though.

Dave Metcalf


RE: Rounded or squared inwales?

   I am leaning towards the squared ones myself. They look to really match the concept.I toyed with the rounded ones when I saw the one guy do the curved ones (He goes by Leatherlungs in the Water Tribe). I REALLY liked that look and thought I would make a variation of it. I had the round over bit already loaded in the router and thought I would see what it looked like.

RE: Rounded or squared inwales?

I will be using the method where you drill holes to create the ends of the spacers, then I will round those edges over with a file.  My understanding is that spacered inwales also provide attachment points for fenders, etc.  As such, I want to eliminate sharp edges that cause chafe.  I also think rounded spacers look really sexy and shows that the builder took the extra time to make that detail.

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