Some performance data on my Northeaster Dory

When I was thinking hard about building a Northeaster Dory, one of the things I really wanted to know was how the boat performed -- both when sailed and rowed. I found general discussions that convinced me it was the right boat for me, but I did not find any hard data. To rectify that in at least a partial way, I am providing a couple of links that show my GPS data for a recent row and sail.

The row:

And the sail:

During the first two miles of the "Post-ride rowing," I was taking it easy -- just cruising along at easy hull speed (3-4 mph). But if you move your cursor to the 2.1 mile mark, you can see where I amped it up to a bit of exercise (4-5 mph). I think I could get the boat going even faster, but I'd really be breaking a sweat.

The sailing data is for a dory with the lug rig . . . and a lug rig that I may need to tune just a little bit more. You can see that I was able to beat upwind. Then I dropped the sail to make an adjustment. During several reaches back toward the bay, the boat reached speeds in the 6-8 mph range.

I find the Northeaster Dory a spritely joy under oars and a safe, easily-controlled sailboat. What a delight!

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RE: Some performance data on my Northeaster Dory

That is really good infromation and confirms what other owners have said about their NE Dory's performance.  Thanks a lot for sharing.

RE: Some performance data on my Northeaster Dory

   A "sprightly joy" indeed. The first time i rowed my 'Dove' i was amazed how effortlessly she slipped through the water. 


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