Rough skim coat

i finally bit the bullet and epoxied, taped and skim coat the bow section of my ch17 . I f shed the sky coat about 18 hrs ago.  The surface of the wood s rough.   Don't know if that is normal, the result of a bad mix, or too heavy a coat.  I assume I should lightly  sand - can I do that now and with what grit?  Also, suggestions for the grit to sand the tape edges would als be appreciated. Thanks.

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RE: Rough skim coat

for the skim coated wood, a light sanding with anything around 100 grit should be fine (e.g. 100/120/150).

you are just trying to take off any rough spots but not sand back through as you are trying to seal the wood.  after you do that, it is always good to put another seal coat down.  again, you are trying to seal the wood to prevent any water infiltration should it get wet,  so your seal coat, when done, should be shiny (no grain of the wood visible or bare wood)

as for tape edges, i find you can take them down pretty fast with 80 to 100 grit.

hope that helps




RE: Rough skim coat

   Thanks - that's very helpful.  Also discovered that at the bow end, because I wasn't thinking about it, I have two strips of tapered that overlap where the seams came together (I guess I need to cut the tape at the stern to avoid a repetition). I assume I just need an extra coat of epoxy to better cover the top tape?

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