strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome

I am having a heck of a time with stripping my 12' Nymph. The problem is on the tumblehome. The  twist from the nearly-horizontal of midships to the vertical of the stem is too much to hold by staple on to the molds. How can this be done? Has anyone tried steaming these strips? Seems awkward. Another idea is to use three or four pieces, and let the joints take some of the rotation. This makes me nervous. Even if I come up with some clever clamp of the problem edge of the strip to the mold, will that hold when I have all the strips on and take off the clamp?

I bought Nick's latest book because it uses the Nymph as the open-boat example, and hoped for some tips for this problem. I haven't seen anything applicable, but I may be overlooking something.

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RE: strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome

I found this video from the Wooden Boat school. It looks like the first tumblehome strips have extra joints, and moreover, the diagonal of the strip is extra-long. I can see the distributing the twist over a longer joint would be more effective.

Time Lapse of Making a Nymph Cedar Strip Canoe

RE: strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome


i shot a picture of a similar, if perhaps not as drastic a bend where the twist would normally pull the staple out at the station where a lot of twist is happening.

i use these little plywood holders with a spring clamp to provide additional holding force.

in addition, i use a heat gun to soften the strip.  it's something to first do on a practice strip, but with enough heat, it will all of a sudden become quite compliant. you need to practice a bit becuase there is not a lot of space between compliance and burning the wood.

i hope this helps....btw... i saw you had some spare strips in another post...if you still have interested.  i am short strips on the project in the picture due to an accident when i was moving them.

all the best



RE: strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome

I have had very good results using a heat gun and bending the strips with dry heat.  I am currently building a Wood Duck Hybrid and had the same problem trying to keep the strips clamped with so much stress in the wood.  With practice, I have been able to heat bend the strips almost to the point of not needing clamps.  You do need to overbend sligthly, as the strips will spring back some.  Try a few practice strips, even if you burn them sligthly, that will clean up with sanding.     

RE: strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome

   With dry heat I was able to twist a yellow cedar strip about 160 degrees over a 2 foot length. I held it there until it cooled. That yielded about a 45 degree permanent twist. Then with a clamp it was easy to keep in place. I've also found that if you angle the staple as perpendicular to the pulling force as possible, they resist pulling out on high stress areas much better!!! Just shoot the staple in at a 45 and it's as stuck as stuck can be

RE: strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome

Good suggestions all; I'll try them. Thanks a lot!


RE: strip twist of 12' Nymph in tumblehome

hspira, I just noticed your note about the extra strips. Unfortunately, I now need them myself.

I had the nymph all stripped, and was preparing to glass the outside. I was slipping some plastic sheeting under a sawhorse, and the canoe and strongback slipped off the horses and smashed. So I started over. Well, learned something there anyhow

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