Scamp Prosthetic Bow

Not that I need one but is this one of Mr. Harris's offerings for this special day? I'd provide a link but I'll be darned if I can find it again.

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RE: Scamp Prosthetic Bow

Maybe it's legit.   



RE: Scamp Prosthetic Bow

Well, everything said about Port Townsend is true, if that makes a difference. On the other hand, that 75-page manual doesn't ring quite true. It seems too short by today's customer standards.  Nor is the manual for the manual mentioned, so I don't know.



RE: Scamp Prosthetic Bow

   It's now on the CLC Fakebook page (I taught my spell check to accept that spelling) so it must be true. After all, everything on FB is true, yes?  

RE: Scamp Prosthetic Bow

If this was IKEA they'd name that thing Tycho.


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