Stowing boat for long, hot summer

Hi folks.  After a great winter in FL, heading back to the recently frozen north this weekend and leaving a partially completed Shearwater Sport behind.  Nowhere to work on it in Maryland and we're taking too much stuff to add it to the load anyway.  So it will have to stay.  Got the hull and deck glued together (what a PITA that was, fussing with fillets and fiberglass tape on the seams fore and aft of the bulkheads!) and got a good bit of finish sanding done on the outside.  Almost ready to glass.  If I hadn't played so much golf, I might have finished it.

So here's the question:  okay to leave the boat in a hot, humid garage til October, or should we bring it in the house, where we'll keep the temp about 85 in our absence?  And same question for the rest of the kit, especially the epoxy jugs.


Florida (for a few more days) Jim


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RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

   Hi Jim, Floridain here...It is not going to do your boat or resin any harm to leave it in a garage.  However if you can store the resin in the house I would opt for that.  Resin can be stable for a long time but why risk it.    A boat builder friend of mine has resin a few years old that they still use and it is all stored in a Florida warehouse where he builds his boats.

RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer


Keeping it in a grarge should be fine. You want to open all hatches so any epanded are can easily escape from the normally seald areas of the kayak. I would also turn the kayak upside down to allow any water that might condense within the boat to easily drain with all the seals open the moisture could also evaporate easily. This also might discourage guest from occuping you kayak in your absence.

If you go to a kayak shop like Estero River Outfitters you will see they keep most of their inventory outside upside down with the skirts and hatch covers off year round. You could also discuss your situation with a kayak shop or outfitter.



RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

I kept mine in the Jacksonville summer garage untill I could get back home to work on it.  As long as the garage is closed up and roof don't leak it should be fine. Also if you've epoxied and filleted the joints and the shape is firm it shouldn't move around any.      

RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

my 2 cents is for keeping it inside.

here's my logic.  you have sealed one side of the ply.....but not the other.  so its not a stable configuration and will generate a warping force becuase one side will absorb humidity while the other side is sealed.

now will the fact that the hull is glued up prevent any problems?...perhaps.  but if it takes you 15 minutes to put it inside where the humidity is being controlled, why not just put it inside?

the way i see it is if you are going to be wrong in this decision, its going to be becuase you chose to leave it outside....not inside.   

just to be clear, i would not be giving this advice if you had already glassed the insides and outside.  the wood would be stable.  and this is more about humidity than temperature....though the humidity capacity of the air is impacted by temperature.

all the best,

h (a maryland builder)


RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

Thanks all!  Looks like I'm probably okay either way, but I'm persuaded by h.  Can't hurt to put it inside.  Might help.

Now all I have to do is handle the withdrawal of no more sanding, no more fillets and no more weave filling for 5+ months.

If I can get it finished by Thanksgiving, might try a SUP next...


RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

I think it is a wise decision to have it inside with less humidity.  When I leave Florida, based on recomendations from several people, I keep the temp at 78-79 to keep the humidity lower, less chance of mold. 


RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

If you hurry and get the boat done before you leave Florida, you can store it in my garage in Jax for the summer!   

RE: Stowing boat for long, hot summer

Thanks for the offer Mark, but we got to Bethesda about 2 hrs ago.  The boat is in the great room in Crystal River.


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