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So, I've watch the videos of CLC building the stitch and glue project.  They "fillet" the seems then use FG tape to finish it off.  They do not fiberglass the entire hull at all but do fiberglass the cockpit for strength.  Then spread resin inside the hull where there is no FG for a sealant.  My question is that the instructions for my NH hybrid doesn't use tape at all along the seems,  just apply a full sheet of FG cloth over the whole inside hull..  Which way do I build my hull?  FG the entire hull or just use tape along the seems and FB only the cockpit area?

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RE: Different question same animal

You build it any way you want - you're the builder, it's your choice. 

That said, for best results you should build it the way the manual specific to your boat tells you to do it. The NH is a different design from the Chesapeakes in the videos, so the NH manual is the one you should be following. The videos are a good generic demonstration of techniques, but when there's a conflict with your boat manual, do what the manual says.

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RE: Different question same animal

That does seem to be the logical answer.  Though the designer himself even shows it different in his video than in his manual.  All-in-all, I'll go with the manual.  Thanks   

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