Varnishing Logistics

I have never varnished anything, but it will soon be time to varnish the interior of my Skerry.  I've read the CLC instructions and watched video, so I think I understand the basics.  I will be a little more comfortable in opening that can after I have a couple of basic questions answered:

1)  Should I expect to be able to coat the entire interior of the Skerry in 1 2-3 hour session, or does it need to be broken up into sections?

2)  I can reach everything in the Skerry when it is sitting right side up, except the seat bottems, the breast plate bottoms and the bottom of the gunwales.  If I start with the boat right side up, one coat would require at least 2 sessions because I would have to flip the boat to get those undersides.  I can reach everything when the boat is upside down, but it is uncomfortable and the lighting is poor. What is the best way to organize to get the most area coated in 1 session?

Thanks.  Hooper Williams - Brevard, NC

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RE: Varnishing Logistics

Hooper, here is my two cents worth of advice. Seeing that you haven't varnished before I would flip the boat and do the underside of the seats etc.first just to get used to applying varnish, get a portable light to help you see. apply a couple coats and you should be ok. Now that you have that done , flip it over and start on the inside. I would start at the bow or stern and do about a 3-4 foot section then go to the opposite side and varnish that and just keep rotating  one side to the other.Portable  lighting would helpful to see any "Holidays" you may have missed. Also, just a suggestion,I buy the aluminum bread pans at the Dollar Store and pour some varnish into them instead of dipping brush in the can and go the auto parts store (NAPA) and buy paint filters to filter the varnish when I pour the varnish into the pan and back into the can when done. Hope this helps.




RE: Varnishing Logistics

Thanks JC.  We'll see how it goes in a few days.


RE: Varnishing Logistics

I forgot where I read this, but it's sage advice: Don't try to fix your mistakes while varnishing -- fix them with the next coat, because, well, there is always a next coat :-)

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