ne dory inside panel ridge

Wondering what to do about  the interior ridges where the hull  panels meet, only the Bottom ones have I sand them down,apply small filets or just leave them?

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RE: ne dory inside panel ridge

���In the manual for the Skerry, they recommend allowing epoxy to drip into the ridge to seal it. I did that but found there still was a ridge that was now sealed but still present. I decided to use wood filler/epoxy and just filled the ridge by running my finger along the space. It probably won't make much difference with water penetration or strength but I felt it looks better and cleaner filled and also will keep crud from accumulating in there.

RE: ne dory inside panel ridge

   Don't sand them, you'll go thru the veneers and make ugly lines. I also don't fill them in with a small fillet, just apply a couple coats of unthickened epoxy so that it flows into the joints to seal them. After a few coats of varnish or paint they're smooth enough

George K. 

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