Waterlust Sailing Canoes Launched

Congrats to our partners, Waterlust‬, on the launching of a pair of beautiful 17-foot sailing canoes with auxiliary Hobie Mirage Drives. These expedition-worthy craft were designed by our own Dillon Majoros and built in three weeks (!) at CLC's shop in Annapolis. More on these (and a possible future as a build-it-yourself kit) following sea trials in less idyllic conditions. The two canoes are being prepared for a 1000-mile trip from Norfolk to Miami. More here.

Sailing Canoe Kit by Chesapeake Light Craft

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RE: Waterlust Sailing Canoes Launched

   They look beautiful.  Did they end up with names?

RE: Waterlust Sailing Canoes Launched

   they look great... i was thinking of something like that for the Everglades challenge... maybe add some ourigger configuration and a taller mast... jib, ? or maybe not...   maybe a tradtional Hobbie AI type thing

RE: Waterlust Sailing Canoes Launched

Pretty much exactly what I've had in mind to build for about 25 years! Intimidated by taking on a 'from-scratch' build even despite from an Ian Oughtred design!!

Any idea from #waterlust what their completed craft weigh in at, all up? Overall length?

This'd fill a (admittedly small!) niche among CLC's offerings... I urge you on John to seriously consider adding a kit to your catalogue.

RE: Waterlust Sailing Canoes Launched

We were trying some CLC kayaks when the waterlust canoes were launched for the first time. They are really, really beautiful in a romantic and old fashioned way. I am building a passagemaker for sailing at the moment, but I have to say that the new sailing canoes really caught my fancy.  

A question to CLC: are the waterlust guys returning the canoes when they finished their journey, or are they just going to keep them? Either way I would seriously consider buying them it they would be up for sale after the tour to Miami.

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