What boat next?

Hi all,

I am very close to finishing my second CLC boat, a Chesapeake 16 (first was Chesapeake 17 LT).  Both kits were purchased in 2001.  (Yes project was put on hold for roughly 13 years).   I have used my Chesapeake 17 LT many times this year in the waters of Puget Sound.  

Back then, there were not as many models and choices to choose from.  I see that CLC is coming out to Port Townsend this year, with a lot of the boats to try.  Now that I have the boat-building bug, I am of course already looking for a boat for the next project, and this seems like a great opportunity given they will have many of the newer models available.

The question is which boat to build next?  Obviously, I should try them out while they are all available in Port Townsend.  The temptation however is to try to decide before hand, as they are offering no shipping charge on top of the show "discount".

Here is what I would like, given my experience with the 17 LT.  I would like a boat a little easier to handle on land (lighter, shorter?).  Since most of my trips are day trips, I dont need to carry alot of gear.  The waters of Puget Sound are pretty calm, and I dont need to prepare for handling waves or rough waters.  My kayaking skills and constructions skills I would rate as intermediate, and improving.  The hybrids (strip deck, S&G hull) seem like a nice step to make in construction.  

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


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RE: What boat next?

   I keep looking at  Shearwater Sport Sectional for some of the reasons you mention. . . . But I, too, am looking for input.

RE: What boat next?

   I was in exactly the same place after completing my first two boats (17LT & 16LT). If you want to go the slow comfortable route, there are the Wood Ducks.  If you are small, the Sheawater 14 would work.  The Searwater Sport works but it is no lighter than your Chesapeakes.  I went with the S&G Petrel Play.  It is a fun little boat that handles great.  Not as fast of comfortable as the Chesapeakes but mine is 7# lighter.  It is my go to boat for recreational kayaking.


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