The order of FG taping of the seem

It seems to me that the fastest way to glue the deck to the hull is to tape it up as everyone does, lay the kayak on it's side and glue/tape the inside of the seem (port side for this instance)  Would it be a time safer to then after the inside port seem set and cured is to turn the kayak on the other side so the inside seem of the starboard side be down then of course FG tape it, noticing the now port side is facing upward that I could now FG tape the outside seem of the port side?  It seems the instructions state to tape the inside seems then later the outside.  Again it seems that the outside seem that already has a dried glued seem in the inside can be done at the same time.  I hope this maked sense.

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RE: The order of FG taping of the seem

   Not sure what boat you're building, but on some boats the outer deck/hull seam is not "taped" at only tape the inside. The outside is joined by a single piece of glass draped over the entire deck overlapping the hull.

So no, you could not do this when it is on its side.

If you have already glassed the deck or you want two layers of glass at the seam, then yes you could do it as you suggest. There are many ways to build a boat.

RE: The order of FG taping of the seem

Yes both halved have been glassed inside and out. Now I am joining them together.  I already have one layer of tape to the inside of the port side. I'm building the Hybrid Night Heron 18.  Thank you.  It seems it will be safe enought to do the inside of on side and the outside of the opposit side which has the inside already done to save time.  Though how mamy layers of the 3 inch tape should I use then? 

RE: The order of FG taping of the seem

what you are suggesting makes sense and would allow you to save a one day/one session.

basically what you are saying is:

session one:   inside port side (kayak on edge, portside down)

session two:  turn  kayak starboard side down.  remove temporary tape holdling port side together.  do outside portside and inside starboard side.

session three:  kayak on edge port side down (remove temporary tape holding starboard side.  do outside starboard side.

on your second only need one layer of three inch tape on the outside and inside.

RE: The order of FG taping of the seem

Hit it right on the dot.  So much better explaining it than I did.  I even got confused when I read my own post. lol... Thank you for your clarification.  Funny I didn't even think I needed some until I read your reply.  Anyways joking asaide.  Yes you understood and thank you for your opinion and putting it with mine I will definitely do it that way today.  I also noted you said just one layer each side.  Got it.  Just to let you know I have read especially in Nick Schades book that he does two on the inside and one on the outside.  Maybe overkill or maybe when he is building to be a tank to take on heavy waves.  In which I will do but not large waves.  I do like surfing my kayaks time to time.   

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