inwale spacer wood dimentions

Hello all

I am in the middle of a ne dory build. I am at the point of tackling the inwale portion of this project. After much research on the topic i have decided to mill the lumber on my own. I have found some threads that say the spacers are a 1/2 inch thick and 7/8s tall and then whatever you want in length to fit. Are these accurate measurements. Also need to know if the inwale itself is also 1/2 inch thick . Thanks all in advance for feedback


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RE: inwale spacer wood dimentions

   Nick -- You got the dimenssions right -- I also milled my own inwale stock out of white oak -- and both spacers and the inwale are 1/2 x 7/8. I scarfed my inwale stock together to get the full length.

Dave M.

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