chesapeake deck

Wednesday is deck day for my Chesapeake 16. I do have two questions, how much epoxy should I mix and, after a dry run, how long should I expect it to take from start to finish for both decks. We will have two people working on this.

Thanks, Mike

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RE: chesapeake deck

When I built my wife's CH16LT I wasn't tracking my time by the clock, but I put the deck on as a dry run in an afternoon, let it sit for a few days on the boat and did the actual gluing in a morning. I'd estimate the actual gluing to have taken on the order of an hour or so, maybe less, based on the pot life of the glue.

I used straps and tape instead of ring nails. I was also working alone.

As far as the amount of epoxy to mix up, I did it in 3 oz batches using slow hardener. I don't remember how many batches it took.

Have fun,




RE: chesapeake deck

   On my 17 we fitted the deck dry, adjusted straps, got nails ready and then glued it up.  As with most large glue ups we worked as a team. Wife, the nurse, mixed the epoxy "exactly" and I applied it. This way small batches can be mixed without any pot time problems. 

RE: chesapeake deck

   Thanks for the information. I think I will strap the deck on this evening.


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