Skerry oar length

What is the correct oar length for a Skerry.  Is there a different length for the oar with a curved blade vs. a straight blade.  Are there any rowing accessories that are really useful?  Thanks in advance.


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RE: Skerry oar length

My oars are 8 ft spoon blades and are just right. Having said that, when I row from the front seat (with just myself and one passenger in the stern) I'd prefer 7'6" oars but I can live with what I've got. I'd rather spend the price of another pair of oars on beer or tools or beer or plans for another boat or beer or . . . beer.

Eight foot oars are just fine bud - for 18 months I was using 8' Turkish style oars which work better with thole pins (but used them with rowlocks) and got along ok but the 8' spoon blades are ace. 

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