I have been working on a strip SUP and using Paulownia, which seems to be the go to for hollow wood surfboards and SUPs. Is there any reason not to use this type of wood on a strip kayak? I won't be building a kayak too soon, but definitely want to within a build or two.


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RE: Paulownia

I have not used it but some do.  Lots of discussion on the subject on Nick Schade's kayak building forum (  Use the search function.

RE: Paulownia

Tough stuff considering it's often called the other Balsa.

You'll likely spend a lot of time keeping your tools sharp; it has a reputation owing to a tendency to a high silica content. In the eastern US it's considered invasive.

RE: Paulownia

   It's not as nice to plane as WRC. Prone to tear out. If you do a search for Pax 20 surf ski, you will find one of my boats. Paulownia deck with some WRC stripes.




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