Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide

I'm thinking about venturing into the Chesapeake Bay with my Skerry this coming season.  I notice there are a million cruising guides available.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a good one for a CLC row/sailor?  I'm especially interested in safety information and access to camping.


Hooper Williams - Brevard, NC

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RE: Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide


I've started working my way along the Captain John Smith Water Trail. I was inspired to do this by watching the re-enactors who followed Smith's path in a replica shallop rowing into Annapolis Harbor in 2007. My wife and I had some of the best seats in the house on the water in our CH16LT & pirogue.

The official Boaters' Guide to the trail is here. So far, due to only having short times for the trips, I have only camped on the portion of the trail the goes through the Upper Patuxent River. While there are definitely campsites available in the park, I was able to drop anchor and just sleep aboard my Faering Cruiser Hvit Skygge. The upper portion of the Patuxent is more suited to rowing than sailing, but it opens up downriver.

So far I've stuck close to the Upper Patuxent, but once I'm shut of that wage slave thing I intend to take weeks off at a time to work my way along the water trail.

Have fun,



RE: Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide

   I think William Shellenberg's "Cruising the Chesapeake. A gunkholer'a Guide" is a classic

RE: Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide

These both look great!  Now I've got my reading list for the next little while.  I've got the "wage slave" thing going as well, but I hope I can get away a time or two this spring to get in some salt water.  Laszlo, if I saw you out on the water in your Faering, I'm sure I would recognize you, which would be pretty cool.   


Thank you both,


RE: Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide

   I always kept a copy of Shellenberger on my big boat for the cruising info.  I kept it for the "local knowledge" to get into creeks and anchorages, especially w/ my 5 foot draft.  It will have good value for smallboaters too, both with general info, and hints of all kinds.

RE: Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide

���I have one ordered. They seem to be in between printings. Sounds like I will have it in early February. Looking forward to it... Hooper

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