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I thought I would pass on something that has worked very well for me to others who are considering building one of these great boats. As I have said many times, I'm sure your all tiered of hearing it. I am building my NE Dory on a very tight budget. One of the things that would have saved me a bit of cash, would have been to forgo power sanding. I found this out the hard way. I went out and bought a brand new sander, I needed one both of my old units were thrashed. I found an online source for bulk sanding pads. I ordered a set and after my 1st sanding session on my Dory realized I had not ordered nearly enough. So I made another order. When the time came to epoxy the inside of my Dory, I was picking up supply's at Home Depot and just on a whim I bought a sanding block. I had been using a homemade block. Just to use in the square places were you cant fit a round sander. Well it worked so well I stopped using the power sander. The hand block only uses a 10th of the paper and has been producing a much flatter surface. Yes I work up a sweat, but the results have been worth it. I just came in from my garage, I sanded the entire backside of my Dory in preparation for priming. It only took about half an hour, just 2 sheets of 120 grit paper. Here is the processes I used, I went over to whole surface of the boat very lightly with my cabinet scrapper. Then the whole boat with the hand block and 120 grit. Make sure you have your respirator on. That's the one drawback, no dust pickup. A bit of sweeping and cleaning, then a good wipe down with alcohol and I am ready to paint next weekend. Sorry for the long post, but as I said if I had read this before starting, I could have saved a nice chunk of change.

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RE: Hand Sanding

I agree.  The secret is making good use of the cabinet scrapers.  Since I made that discovery, I have not had the ROS back out.  It only takes a little hand sanding to clean up behind the scraper.  

Hooper Williams - Brevard, NC  

RE: Hand Sanding

I too have resorted to all hand sanding on my Passagemaker.  I've been using blocks made of scrap wood and some medium density foam taped on.  Went a lot faster for me, and was a more peaceful process.  I was convinced that I just don't know how to use my random orbit sander correctly.  Maybe I still am. 

Had some good results using homemade scrapers as well.

RE: Hand Sanding

   Good tip, Mike. I'm not building a boat right now, but I am doing a lot of a lot of trail patrol for the local hiking trails. I've almost totally switched to using hand tools -- crosscut saw, small axe, serrated grass whip, etc. As Mark says, using hand tools is much more peaceful.

RE: Hand Sanding

   Getting ready to start a Sassafras 12. The kit is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. In preparation I have been restocking hand tools, mixing cups, sandpaper, etc. I received  my first set of furniture scrapers yesterday. I have never used them before so I expect a bit of a learning curve. 

RE: Hand Sanding

���CLC�S building tips had a description of how to sharpen scrapers. Also if you do a search on youtube you should find more tips. They are very easy to use once property prepared.

RE: Hand Sanding

   Mike, thanks for the input. I watched a couple of videos last night. In theory seems easy enough to do. Pretty sure I will be getting plenty of practice in the next few weeks. 

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