Large bubble on hull; space at the bow.

I finished glassing and epoxying my hull some time ago, though additional sanding and probably another coat is required. When I was takinga break and just looking at my hull I found a large elliptical bubble - maybe an inch and a half by 2 inches.  I assume I need to cut it out, reglass and blend it in to the existing.  Any  tips on the best way to get the bad piece out and complete the repair?  

I also have a void where the glass is wrapped around the bow.  When I was laying the glass I did my best but obviously fell short.  My choices seem to be to either cutting out the glass and trying again, which, at least at my skill level I think would be quite challenging, or just pouring some unthickened epoxy into the void - probably at the same time that I do my end pour.  The void is perhaps an 1/8th in at the top and then tapers down - that may not be terrible but it does flex a bit under finger pressure.  Any thoughts?


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RE: Large bubble on hull; space at the bow.


As a first attempt, you might want to inject epoxy into the void. Remember that you'll need 2 small holes, one to inject the resin and one to vent the air. You can put a little plastic wrap on it until it sets. If that firms up the bubble and is cosmetically acceptable, then you're done. If it doesn't work, the you can cut it away and apply a fiberglass patch.



RE: Large bubble on hull; space at the bow.


If you decide to redo the fiberglass in the bow, please read this acticle on the CLC site. It might make the glass lay down easier. I have used this method sucessfullly.


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