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Hi All -

Started work on my pram and I've a quesiton.  On page 20 of the manual it says -

"Its a good idea to round over the inside edges of the doublers at this time, as well as the inside edges of the holes in the doublers"

I'm not sure what that means.  The photo shows the doubler sitting on the bulkhead.  I'm pretty certain I round the edge in area B.  Do round the edge in area A or area C?


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RE: Eastport Pram bulkheads

Looks like you're building the nesting versioin. If so, here's some ideas.

Round B on the outer edges of the lightening holes. This is difficult to do after the pieces are glued together.

Do not round C. This edge provides a good registration for the eventual fillets.

You could round A which is the outer edges of the top of the bulkheads. However chances are good that you will have to sand the two top edges of the bulkheads flush with each other and the gunwales after installation. You would then need to re-round the edges, so save that step until the bulkheads are in place.

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