Eastport Nesting Pram : Advice on removing carraige bolts

I messed up on the bolt setup for the 2 bulkheads on the Eastport Nesting pram and am in need of advice on how to correct. 


When I installed the bolts, I failed to sandwich the two bulkheads together.  I just epoxied the bolts into the one bulkhead.  Surprisingly, all but 2 bolts match up – those 2 are not square to the frame and are about 1/8 inch out of alignment with the holes.   I’ve thought up a few solutions –


1.        Pound the 2 bolts out and start again.  I’m not sure if this will work or if it will result in tearing out a lot of wood around the bolt hole.  Opinions?

2.       Re-drill the holes in the second bulkhead and/or bend the bolts to correct alignment.   I’m thinking to use a straw over the bolt when I do the epoxy – that should give me a good aligned hole.


Any other suggestions?


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RE: Eastport Nesting Pram : Advice on removing carraige bolts

   Not sure about the specific application but here are some things,

1. the nice thing about epoxy and fiberglass is you can fill holes, reinforce as necessary and redrill them.

2. a heat gun softens up epoxy so you might be able to remove epoxy, glass, and/or bolt with appliction of heat.  Not too much and not too fast.

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