OkoumeFest 2017 Seminar Schedule

Some familiar ones, some new ones. All fun, and all free!

Thanks to Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks and Tony DeLima of Forte Carbon for joining us this year.

Full info on OkoumeFest is here. 

At a glance:

  • 1PM: Factory Tour and CNC Demonstration:  A guided tour of the CLC factory and workshops, with demonstrations of our giant robotic cutter and industrial-scale milling equipment. And a look at new prototypes.
  • 2PM: The Technology of Carbon Fiber Spars with Tony DeLima:  Carbon fiber has a lot of cachet in the marine biz, but it's here to stay and getting more common. The founder of MAS Epoxies and Forte Carbon is here to talk about carbon fiber, the tricky realities of its application, and how he makes spars from kayak-size to offshore-racing-yacht size. Forte Carbon manufactures composite parts for recreational and military applications.
  • 3PM: Epoxy Fillets for Dummies with John Harris:  If you're still pronouncing "fillet" as in "fish filet," this is the seminar for you. Epoxy fillets (that's "FILL-its" to the in-crowd) are how modern wood-epoxy composite boats like those in CLC's catalog are held together. Easy to do, but hard to do well; John will show you how to do it well.
  • 4PM: Fiberglassing Over Wood with Nick Schade:  Nick Schade is a boatbuilder, designer, and author whose fiberglassing work hangs in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Nick demonstrates his tips and tricks for a perfect fiberglass job.
  • 5PM: Varnishing with John Harris:  You've been sanding for weeks and, at last, you crack open a can of varnish to put the gloss on your new wooden boat. But oy! Three coats later you've got a sagging, mottled surface that doesn't look like the boat in the photos. Watch and learn how we apply and maintain the varnish on our own boats.

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