passage maker take apart shrouds

I'm looking for a good way to attach the shrouds to the star knob. CLC sent some extra coated wire and carabiners with the sailing kit, and I think I can see how to attach them. I want something that can be set up and taken down quickly, easily, and safely while in the water behind a larger boat (This is a dinghy, after all!) I plan to try to tie a bowline in the wire and hook it to the eye in the shroud line with the carabiner. Will one strand of wire be enough?

Does anyone have a solution that has worked well for them? Sometimes CLC assumes more builder knowledge than I have. Something more than "Lash them to the star knobs" would have been nice.

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RE: passage maker take apart shrouds

Let me say first that I don't have a PM dinghy, so this reply is based on general principles.

What kind of wire is that? Usually you don't tie knots in wire. You either splice it, clip it or swage it. Wire is too stiff for knots to work well, and if it's plastic coated, it may be too slick. lashings are usually synthetic rope.

As far as how to do lashings - it's actually reasonably simple. If you can tie your shoelaces you can lash your shrouds.

Mr. Google is your friend. Just look for "lashing shrouds" . Here's one result. Searching for images with the same string will give you lots of visual examples that you can adapt to your boat.

Good luck,




RE: passage maker take apart shrouds

   Thank you, Laszlo. That helps a lot. A good picture is worth a bunch of words, but pictures AND words really helps.  

Mr. Google is indeed helpful, if you put in the right key words! 


RE: passage maker take apart shrouds

   It's fairly easy to make shrouds.  If I'm understanding that the vinyl coated wire comes with the sailing kit, it's usually 3/16" wire.  You can go to your friendly neighborhood marine store where they have a work bench for DIYers.

You strip off enough of the vinyl coating to slide through two swage fittings (always use two for standing rigging), around the appropriately sized thimble, back through the fittings and about a foot to be able to pull everything tight with your hands.  Crimp starting from the thimble, once you've got the thimble secured, cut the extra wire off at the end of the second fitting.  Make three crimps on each fitting and they'll extrude over the wire end, making it safer.  

Optionally, you can slide some heat shrink onto the wire before crimping, then after its made, shrink that down to cover up to the thimble.  It's a nice touch and makes the shrouds look professionally made.  

Do the end at the mast head first, then do the end by the star knob second so you can make it 8" to 12" short of the lashing point.  Then use small diameter Dyneema to lash.  You could also make something that fits around the star knob bolt (short version of shroud) called a dog bone, then you have two thimbles to lash between.

Hope this helps!

P.S.  I'm a sailboat rigger...

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