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�Hello, I'm from panama and dont have access to WRC. I have at my disposal pine and a type of cedar know as cedro espino supposed to be expensive because of it low weight and whatever but its also known to take a lot of water (thin strip dry fast so this wouldnt be an issue and once its epoxy sealed its done) I am ripping my boards (circular saw with guide has been WAY faster and more consistent than table saw btw) 3/16 pine strip 10 feet long are averaging 3.68ounces so .38 oz per feet My cedar is weighin in at 11 oz per 12 feet (didnt even do the *by feet* because i can tell its mor than double. Im gonna let them dry but theres no way, at least in my mind, that itll even match the weight per feet of my pine unless each strip has an ocean inside jaja Whats the weight per feet of wrc (3/16), not theoreticall weight, has anyone weigh theeir strips? Maybe I just got lucky with those pine boards who knows

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RE: Individual strip weight

We usually cut our strips 1/4 inch thick and we use a table saw with three blades,  one pass and we have three strips that are consistent  in width.   If you are buildung a small boat, the weight of the wood is not that big a factor.  Proper fiber glassing using epoxy needs close attention because that can increase weight very easily.  Some parts of yourq boat might get fiberglassed using epoxy but all bare wood should getq at leasqt two coats of epoxy, doesn't matter if it is the inside or outside of your boat.  We often will mix different kinds of wood in the stripping process to get fancier art aspect .

Best wishes,   Eddie

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