Peeler spray rails

I am about to mount the spray rails on my peeler skiff and I am thinking they look a little clunky with slightly rounded hand sanded edges, too square. I know this is an aesthetic issue only. Has anybody used a router with 3/8 round over bit to soften the look ?  I get tendinitis in my forearms with too much hand sanding and have used the router a couple of times on other parts with excellent results.  

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RE: Peeler spray rails

   I used the 3/8" round over on the spray rails, seat edges, rub rails, transom etc. It's a small touch but having the same radius on all the round overs gives it a neat appearance.

RE: Peeler spray rails

   I also used the 3/8" roundover for the spray rails.  This took all of 15 minutes to do and really added to the boat's appearance.

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