Lightweight Solo Rowboat Idea

I love my Passagemaker Take-Apart sailing dinghy Winkle.  She stores propped up on her stern in a corner of the garage, launches easily out of the back of my pickup truck, makes a better sailboat than we'd hoped (lug rig), rows splendidly, carries a substantial load, and draws admiring looks wherever she goes.  She must be a nearly perfect, all-around sailing dinghy.

Sometimes, though, I do wish for something leaner and lighter for solo use without any thought of sailing.  I love the looks of the CLC Sassafras12, and imagine that it would be a great "impulse boat" for getting out on the water by oneself with minimum fuss and bother.  I really to love to row, however, and I could get even more excited about something a bit wider and set up as a rowing boat.

What I have in mind might be functionally similar to this boat:

...and would look a lot like a Sassafras 12 widened out about 10 inches to something like a 38" beam.  The resultant kit might cost a bit less than half the Kevlar Adirondack Guide Boat Ultralight Solo Packboat, and the lovely laps should make her even better looking.

We could go one better by having an option to construct this theoretical CLC Solo Packboat with watertight, detachable, nesting ends of say 2' or 2-1/2' length each.  Even a light 12' boat can be tricky to store indoors, especially for an apartment dweller.  This take-apart version could be stored in the corner of a high-rise living room and be carried down in the elevator for use at ground level.

Does anyone else think the idea is worth pursuing?  If my photo of Winkle should happen to win the annual photo contest grand prize, I guess I'll just have to build another boat!  A CLC Solo Take-Apart Packboat would be my first choice, at least in my dreams.


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RE: Lightweight Solo Rowboat Idea

���FWIW , I've seen at least one photo of a Mill Creek equipped with a sliding row rig, on this site.

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