Nanoship future?

I hope this the correct forum to ask the status of the Nanoship coming to fruition. Such a beatiful boat, and I hope it eventually is available to build.

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RE: Nanoship future?


"NanoShip" has been on the slow-burner for awhile. This summer we finally got everything dialed in. Full report here.

There were the usual new-boat hiccups. Last spring we discovered that the water ballast tank was leaking into an aft flotation compartment, which was easily fixed once we figured out where the water was coming from!

Then there was trouble with the plumbing of the self-draining cockpit. It worked perfectly at a mooring or when the boat was lightly loaded, but at speed when pulling up a big stern-wake you'd find yourself ankle-deep in the cockpit. That was also fixed easily by rearranging the drains.

At great length, my decision is that this version (officially NanoShip 2.0) will not be going into production. It'd be $5000 as a complete kit and almost as much work to build as PocketShip.

I've been working on NanoShip 3.0. Outwardly identical, inwardly easier to build and hopefully less costly in kit form.

NanoShip 2.0, yacht-finished and bug-free, will be put up for sale to make room in our crowded shop. Not cheap, but if you're truly interested send me an email.

RE: Nanoship future?

Hey John,

I'm truly interested in the possibility of plans building a NanoShip in the future with my son (he's only 3, so no rush).  I'm looking forward to watching this project evolve.  Please let me know what it might entail to be a beta-builder at some point.  To me, this is a much more elegant version of the Pelican that I've been wanting to build for years and I'd much rather that project include your design improvements.  Our plan is to camp-cruise in the San Juan Islands/Canada and I'd be proud to do it in such a beautiful boat.

RE: Nanoship future?

   If you haven't already seen it, the vidoe footage of Nanoship storming along is pretty spectacular!

RE: Nanoship future?

   I am SOOO pleased to hear that you are not giving up on NanoShip!  How can I help? I, too, was about to build a Pelican when I found pictures of Nanoship.  The Yawl version set my little heart to pitter-patter-ing.  We await with baited breath your version 3.  Go, John!  Go!

(For the record: I would gladly take a plans only version of Version 2.  You wouldn't have to invest in developing a building manual.  Just sayin'...)

RE: Nanoship future?

Ha! I'm just finishing up building my 16'x20' shed (read boat building shop) and when I framed the door, I checked the beam of NanoShip and made the door 1" wider!

RE: Nanoship future?

   CaptainSkully. you might want to get a can of Crisco!

I just hope it fruitions to a set of plans. 

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