Beach assembly of Sectional Shearwater

When I was shopping, I couldn't find any good information about the process of assembling the Sectional Shearwater Sport on the beach. I've made a two minute YouTube slide show and video that covers it -- however briefly. Here is the relevant link:

Assembling a Sectional Shearwater Sport Kayak

It's not great, but the time stamps do document the process.

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RE: Beach assembly of Sectional Shearwater

Nice. Would it be faster with the gasket cemented to the boat?


RE: Beach assembly of Sectional Shearwater

I think you are quite right, Laszlo -- though the reason you are right is a bit convoluted.

It only takes seconds to put on the gaskets once the fiddley, fumbly task of blindly inserting the bolts has been completed. But the gasket does help to hold the bolts in place. My new plan is to leave the gaskets and bolts permanently in place. The problem has been that I like to store the fore and aft sections standing on end in my living room. The bolts have to spin freely so they can't be glued in place, and standing the sections on end tends to push them out of place.

Here is the solution I have come up with so far: the gaskets help hold the bolts in place and the bolts are then threaded into bits of closed-cell foam that keep them from being pushed out when storing the boat (and hold everything together during transport).


I may still glue on the gaskets but I'm unsure about the best product to use. Weldwood Rubber Cement would work, but it's a bit tricky to line up correctly. Any advice?

I'll report back when I see how much time this saves in assembly. I think it could easily shave five or six minutes off the process.

RE: Beach assembly of Sectional Shearwater

 Rubber cement, right.  Used that on our PMD take-apart and am happy with it.

With the PMD, the bolts are permanently installed in the forward section with the threaded part protruing.  I wanted to stow my PMD on end, similar to what you are doing, so I made some spacers out of small PVC pipe couplings, using the Shinto rasp (wonderful tool--we named ours "Shinto-san") to work them down to a suitable length so that the star nuts could be threaded on snugly with the bolt threads completely covered and not protuding outside the star nuts.

Once the sections are separated, the spacers and star nuts go over the protruding bolts, get tightened down all 'round, and the section will stand on end stably with the star nuts acting as little feet.  I might be able to come up with a photo if my verbal explanation here is missing the mark.

.....Michael, a.k.a. Gramps

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