winterfest parade decoration

I've been kayaking with a group in the fort lauderdale winterfest parade for  a few years but I'm nearly done with a ne dory and am planning on taking that next year.I want to go all out with the decorations and am asking for  creative ideas and suggestions on lighting systems.pretty much anything I do has to be done with lights to be visible

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RE: winterfest parade decoration

   There is a wide variety of battery-powered, decorative, LED string lights available now and probably going on sale soon.  Different colors, different light shapes, different lengths, remote control (limited range, usually), etc.  Also, lots of small, battery-powered Christmas trees.  Should be able to find lights and other decorations on the web, but I'd want to see them up close before spending money.  Pier 1 comes to mind as having a display of lights in their stores.  Must be lots of other stores, too.

Good luck on your dory and your future parades.

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