Kaholo 14 Question

I need help with where to reinforce the deck on my board build.  Maybe CLC can answer this the best but between which bulkheads does the paddler stand on a Kaholo 14?  Ball park....  

My issue is I need to figure out between which bulkheads to attach my cooler and tackle rack.  I'd prefer them to be directly behind the area where the paddler would stand but with a little room to breath.  


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RE: Kaholo 14 Question

   On my kaholo 14, I tend to put my feet so that my toes are right over the seam between the two halves of the deck.  Hope this helps.

RE: Kaholo 14 Question

   It does thank you!

RE: Kaholo 14 Question

  For reference, this is what I'm trying to figure out.... where to reinforce the deck for mounting points

RE: Kaholo 14 Question

���I'd reinforce it on the bulkheads behind where the handle support is , if that's where you plan on placing a cooler and maybe sit on.

RE: Kaholo 14 Question

   Thanks.  I noticed in a few pics that tends to be where people stand (feet on each side of the carry handle).  Definitely have a good idea of what to do now.

RE: Kaholo 14 Question

Jason, you want to be as flat as possible with SUP on the water. As I can see, you will fishing.

In the picture you can see anchor cleat, Now that cleat does not have plastic in the middle. When I'm anchoring, I put anchor rope thru that cleat. At the consequences I'm at the angle 90 degrees to the sea sea wawes. And that is much better, that rocking from side to side.


And I prefer to have fishiing rods in front of me, I can observe them during fishing.




RE: Kaholo 14 Question

   Thanks Aleks!

This will by no means be a speed machine.  Between the Spruce and Mahogany deck (with 6oz glass under deck) she’ll be heavy but will allow for a lot of accessories up front.  I like your flush rod holders!  Thinking of adding Botes rod holders up front.  Plenty of time to plan still.  Thanks for the pics.

RE: Kaholo 14 Question

Jason, here you might find few pics, where I reinforced Kaholo for fishing.


RE: Kaholo 14 Question

Kaholo e-SUP for fishing setup video:


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