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My basement here in NH is currently at 50F. Much as I would like, I won't be getting to my Chester Yawl project until early March (and the basement may likely be up to 60F by then through improved insulation and some heating).

Until that time, is it OK to store the epoxy materails, paints, and varnish in the 50F basement?


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RE: Materials storage

Should present no problems Dave.

Lower temps won’t affect solvented coatings much (though freeze / thaw can cause some to separate upon thawing) but epoxy might see crystallization to some extent.

That’s usually reversable using a warm water bath to warm affected containers until their contents can re-liquify with the warmer temps & agitation if you’re in a (relative) hurry, or by moving the containers to a more moderate environment 24 hours before use.

Use caution to ensure you don’t have any residual crystals in a mixed batch of resin & hardener. The re-warming steps should be done some time before you expect to get to mixing & applying.

RE: Materials storage

From the MAS Epoxy FAQ's:

What are the temperature requirements for coating with MAS Epoxy?

We recommend using MAS Epoxy systems at ambient temperatures of 55°F and above. When bonding, MAS Epoxies Fast Hardeners can be used at temperatures 45°F and above, however the cure time will be significantly longer. Keep in mind the warmer the ambient temperature the easier MAS products will be to work with and apply.

The storage recommendation for our epoxy products is 60°F and above to prolong the life of your product. See below for more information on storage requirements and suggestions.

I just installed a thermometer in my shop and with the heater on under the epoxy bench, it's steady at 55°F.  Whew!  My plan is to build a PM before it gets warm...

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