Trailering Skerry

OK, so I thumped down for a Trailex trailer for my skerry last week.  Yes, it was a pretty good deal with the CLC promos and free shipping, but also, I'm likely to be putting a lot more highway miles on my skerry.  While I came up with a pretty sweet loading/unloading rig to get it on and off the roof rack, it still takes some extra time, a loading rig to carry, and the aero drag on top of my CX-5 was considerable.  Now to get everything ready to trailer.

What do folks do to secure the spars, mast, oars in the boat for trailering?  Obviously, they have to be secured and padded so I don't beat up the boat.  I'm thinking a couple of big foam blocks fore and aft, maybe cut out for the spars and such.  Then, straps through the holes in the center thwart to hold the bundle down securely.  What have others worked out?  

If I don't have more than one passenger along with me, I can put down the back seats and the spars with sail bent on and the oars fit inside. I'd rather not put the mast on the roof since I'm trying to get the aero drag down anyway. If I can get all the long pieces in the boat, the rest can go in the back. The CLC spar bag is sweet, but I am putting off any more boat toys for the moment, and bungees or ties can do a lot.

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RE: Trailering Skerry

I have a couple of crazy creek camp chairs for comfort underway. These go down on thwarts - spars, oars and tiller extension go on top, lashed through the limber holes. I've threatened to make foam cradles for three years. There are only a few scuffs without them. NE Dory though, no experience with skerry.   

RE: Trailering Skerry

Lug rig?  For my Passagemaker Dinghy, which I mostly carry in the back of my pickup truck, I bundle the sail up against the paired-up yard and boom using some short ties.  I then wrap this up in a cotton canvas painter's drop cloth secured with the doubled-over halyard in a sort of marlin hitch down the length of the bundle.  With the boom and yard on the bottom, a short bit of shock cord holds it against the center thwart.  The drop cloth takes all the wear and keeps the road grime off the sail.

I put an old sock over the heel of the mast, put the heel down into one corner of the aft transom where it meets the seat top (the boat goes into the truck bed stern first), and than secure it to the handhold cutout using one of the halyare/downhaul cleats.  The mast is longer than the boat, so I slip another old sock with the toe cut out over the mast and tie that to the bow transom handhold cutout.  However you do it, the old socks keep the mast from wearing against the points where it touches the boat.


RE: Trailering Skerry

   I love it when somebody else comes up with a solution involving old socks. Thanks for making my day, Michael. I'll be able to use this to show my wife that I am not unique!

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