Fiberglass order of steps

For the Sheawater Sport, after glassing the hull the instructions have you fill the weave and sand before moving on to the deck glassing. It seems like it would be better to glass the deck with the side panel overlap before starting to fill the weave. Thoughts?

Also when final sanding the deck, how careful to you need to be about not sanding the edge of the hull fiberlass where it meets the deck? Everything I've read says you don't want to sand into fiberglass. 


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RE: Fiberglass order of steps

#1 - Concur

#2 - Feathering the edge is OK, especially if there will be another layer of glass on top.

 And since you're ready to do it, here's a hint for getting perfect edges on an overlap, with minimal sanding.



RE: Fiberglass order of steps

Nice technique, I'll have to try that. This will eliminate the issue of the loose threads when trying to wet out the edge.

RE: Fiberglass order of steps

One of my biggest fears is sanding into the fiberglass when I feather the edges. I've seen pictures posted of what happens when people sand too deep making the cloth visible.

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