CH 17 Deck hull joint fiberglass problem

at the risk of continuing to embarrass myself with my mistakes, I post the following problem.  I fiberglassed the deck of my ch 17 last weekend. Either because I failed to round the joint sufficiently or because the epoxy set up too quickly, or both,  I have significant lengths where the fiberglass does not adhere to the hull at the turn.  When I realized what was happening I tried to smooth the glass out but that didn’t work.  Back at the boat today I decided that to make it right I needed to cut out the glass where it was lifting, sand the turn down more, and apply new glass strips (taken from scrap I had kept) and then re-apply the epoxy.  I have now done the cutting and sanding part.  I assume/ hope, that the extra layer of glass (on the deck near the joint and on the hull below the portion of the glass I cut out) will more or less disappear, along with the uneven edge where I cut the new strips, with the new epoxy and further  sanding.  I wasn’t sure what else to do but I clearly couldn’t leave it the mess I left last weekend. Are there any further suggestions before I proceed?  Thanks.  Bruce

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RE: CH 17 Deck hull joint fiberglass problem

your approach will work just fine.

fwiw it's very easy to sand through the glass around the deck/hull joint so patience is important when sanding the edge.  a good sanding block with a firm back will make quick work of feathering your patches into the deck and hull.


RE: CH 17 Deck hull joint fiberglass problem

Also, cutting your patch material on the bias - strands run at 45 degree angle - will help it conform to corners better than having strands run parallel and perpendicular.  


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