MAS Cell-O-Fill vs System Three Silica Filler

Full disclosure:  My Passagemaker build is sponsored by MAS epoxy, but that did not in any way inspire me to write this quick comparison.

While filling the plank seams yesterday, I ran out of Cell-O-Fill and had to use a little of the System Three Silica I had left over from my Eastport Pram build.

For the first time, I actually read the label on the Cell-O-Fill, where it states that you only need half as much filler to achieve the same consistency, it's made from cellulose, so none of the health hazards of breathing silica and it doesn't "billow" into the air like silica.

I then turned around and opened my System Three tub and a puff of silica just wafted into the air.  I immediately put on my dust mask.  I had to add several heaping teaspoons of this fluff and carefully stir to finish up my last batch for filleting.

Every single point MAS makes on the label of Cell-O-Fill is absolutely true.  I will happily purchase more to finish my boat.

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