adhesive removal

I am putting a new seat in my kayak, I pulled the old velcro out but the adhesive remains. I have tried using the goop that cleans grease off your hands and WD-40 but it is rather stubborn. I am on my way to Lowes to get some Goof Off and see how that works. Is there an easy way to remove the old adhesive and leave the epoxy surface in good shape?  Mike


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RE: adhesive removal

Denatured alcohol might get the job done.  Acetone, as well, as long as it's fully cured epoxy, which I assume is the case here.

I've also used an expen$ive little thing that We$t Marine $tore$ $ell$ called "Anti-Bond 2015 to successfully remove stuborn adhesives from plastics and fiberglass.  I don't reckon it'll hurt epoxified wood, but I'd research that.  Very effective stuff, but it ain't cheap.


RE: adhesive removal

   Thanks, the epoxy is fully cured.  Mike 


RE: adhesive removal

My go-to for years to remove adhesives has been lighter fluid.  The labels on the stuff I have at home say it's naphtha, though nowadays the ones in the store simply say "light hydrocarbon", so I don't know if it's still the same product.  I'll find out when my supply runs out. If you have some, give it a try.  Otherwise, if the acetone doesn't work, try mineral spirits.


RE: adhesive removal

   Acetone did the trick without damaging the finish. I will be installing a creature comfort seat. Thanks for your help. Mike

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