Car top Eastport pram to transport

I just got started building eastport pram.  i assume most Eastport owners transport on car or SUV top.  Any suggestion may be helpful when loading alone?

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RE: Car top Eastport pram to transport

REVISED Statemment:   Has anyone transport Eastport Pram on car or SUV top with racks?   I assume a wider racks would be required and foam added. I just wonder how difficlut it is to transport.  I may have to travel 500 mile to give the pam  to a family memeber.  Any thoughts?


RE: Car top Eastport pram to transport

A couple of thoughts.  I'm assuming you have roof racks and that they're athwartship on the vehicle.  I say this because my wife's SUV has roof racks that run along the sides of the top and they're useless.  I've got Yakima crossbars that work great.

Second, are those crossbars padded?  I found some pipe insulation at the big box store that fits my crossbars perfectly with some zip ties.  Also, you can put PVC pipe over them first to make cheap rollers.

Third is loading the boat upright or upside down.  Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.  When I load mine right side up, the boat becomes a storage opportunity for camping gear.  I have one of those spider web cargo nets to keep everything in place.  Upside down is more aerodynamic and you won't get any rain in your boat, but it can be tough on your rub rails.  I used graphite epoxy on the bottom of my EP, so it has UV resistance built in.  Also, my crossbars are far enough apart that the skids kind of lock the boat in when right side up.  You could also build some sort of cradle that fits the boat and attach that cradle to the roof racks.

As far as actually getting the boat up there, regardless of its orientation.  I put a scrap of carpet on the ground behind the vehicle and park the stern of the boat on that.  Then I grab the bow handle and lift it up to the rear crossbar.  Once it's securely located, I pick up the stern and slide the boat up until it's on both cross bars.  Carpet goes into the back of the Jeep and I throw the straps on.  By yourself, it's not an elegant process, but it is doable.

Hope that helps...

RE: Car top Eastport pram to transport

   Thanks for the response CaptainSkully.  Your reponse has inforced my ideas and some.  I have a short distance to the water here in the NW so it wont be too bad with my wife help.   Yes, I would make sure the racks are padded with foam.  Since I wound not be using the boat much, (80 years old) and not invest in new racks, I may ask a friend to help me build a special rack. ( I have a cross bar on my SUV Pathfinder).  He has done that before for kayaks.  Thanks again.  



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