Throughout the build of my passagemaker, I've looked on this forum for answers to questions I've had, but whenever I find a old post related to my query, it inevitably seems to end up referring me to the now defunct

Was this site archived anywhere, or was all that information & experience just lost forever? It would be a terrible shame if it's all vanished.

And now sadly, in hindsight, the existence of such an apparent mine of information has (ironically) contributed to a relative paucity of PMD information on this forum. Imagine if all those posts were still available here!

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Hey Pippy,

I've lamented the loss of on this forum several times over the years.  Luckily, I read the entire forum a few years ago when I first started seriously contemplating building a PMD.  I even took a bunch of notes from what I learned, so that was saved.  Unfortunately, a bunch of my notes involve pasted links to specific threads, so they're useless.   I've tried several tricks to find archives of the site, to no avail.  I've considered trying to contact Peter, whom I believe is the one that started the site, but did not take it that far.  It was a truly great forum, with hundreds of threads covering an exhausting amount of minutae pertaining to PMDs.  It will be truly missed.  I actually signed up to become a member, but by that time it was no longer being moderated and I never got my login credentials.

Keep in mind that a lot of that stuff was posted by the original batch of builders in 2006-2012 when the PMD was a new design (instead of an old favorite like now), so a lot of those guys have moved on with their lives.  Luckily, we have a great batch of builders here to mine for PMD info, but of course it's mixed in with all the dang kayak, wherry and dory builders.  ;)  Post your stuff and we'll get through this together.  Today, I'm attaching my mahogany rub rails!

Good luck,


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