Mods for NE Dory, fun and comfort

Well, I thought I’d be posting pics of NE Dory mods today. I’m on Harris Creek near St. Michaels. The rain has been epic. WRNR has been playing "When the Levy Breaks". But wait, there’s a shadow!
Follow this link over to Flickr for pics. Captions there splain more about the ideas.
In no particular order:

I started to run my bridle pretty snug, and much further aft than aft oarlocks. Feel like I get tangled up in main sheet just as much but at least I’m not wrapped up in both of them anymore. What are you guys doing on this front?

Bench seats on sliders to make a sleeping platform.
DK, when sailing alone or with one other we’ll usually sit with one cheek on the 2nd thwart and one on the bench. Um, opposite sides of course. In sleeping configuration the area between third thwart and stern sheets is full of pelican box and dry bags. Sleeping pad and feet just go on top. Sadly, this is always done solo.

Jam cleats for tiller stick. They are spaced to secure the tiller full starboard, full port and amidships. With both lines in play any steering angle can be set. Used jam cleats for fast release.

Take down kick up rudder. This one needs some reengineering. It works fine but is pretty clunky, well ok, ugly as sin.

Jam cleat on daggerboard trunk.

Rake master 3000.

Compass block. I have to confess to a bit of smug on this idea. I think it was all my original thinking but I’ve probably seen it somewhere before. My wife, the civil engineer, said “Whoa!”. That’s pretty rare. She’s also pretty happy with the bench seats.


PS. Stay tuned for tent/skeeter net mods. Only in head scratching stage right now.

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RE: Mods for NE Dory, fun and comfort

   Can you walk us through what some of those cleats are for?

RE: Mods for NE Dory, fun and comfort

   Thank you so much for the three of them there is a piece of glass over a rectangular cutout?  Not sure what that is all about?



RE: Mods for NE Dory, fun and comfort

   Ah, that's there from a previous forum question about patching punctured glass. It's from my wife's sea kayak - Redfish, King - build. A square of fiberglass backs up a through hole in deck. After she wets out the glass she covers the area with a little sheet of plastic. She then squeegees the epoxy through the plastic. It helps keep the edges from fraying and makes a smooth patch on first coat. The hole is for doubled up webbing, melted together on the inside. Then it passes through the deck, the loop opens up and makes a soft padeye. New pics in the mods gallery. If you zoom into the kayak picture you may be able to get an idea of how it works. Check the deck line.

CG - the flickr captions are pretty extensive, scroll down if you can't see them.  

RE: Mods for NE Dory, fun and comfort

   Oh, CG, click the thumbnail then scroll down for captions.

RE: Mods for NE Dory, fun and comfort

Silver Salt -

A while back you posted or sent me a sketch of the supports you installed for your sliding benches.  Sadly, they disappeared when I installed a new OS on my computer.  If you still have the sketch, I would appreciate it if you would repost it or send it to me again.  GA




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