Inspection port - CY

Those who have built a Chester Yawl,

Did you include the optional inspection port? Why - or why not? What are the merits & drawbacks to cutting this hole in the forward bulkhead?



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RE: Inspection port - CY

Hi Dave,

I included the inspection port on my CY.

Firstly, so that I can keep it open while the boat is not in use: it prevents the changes in tenperature that cause the air inside of the bow tank to expand/contract from putting stress on the boat seams (I seriously doubt it is enough to cause damage, but ... why not). I see the inspection port in the forward bulkhead as the equivalent to the pressure relief plug in the aft bulkhead, under the stern seat.

Secondly, I cut a hatch into the bow seat in order to fit a cooler box and the "inspection" port allowed me to support said box while the epoxy was curing. I figured that, should there ever be a need to repair something with the hull in that forward area, that access to the inside would be a good idea, too. 

On a different but somewhat related note, I now wish I had added a bow eye on the stem when I assembled the boat. Had I not added that cooler box (which is now in the way), and with the access port in, I would have been able to retrofit such bow eye (albeit with great difficulty due to the distance between the port and bow, and given the length of my arms). So FWIW, you never know what that inspection port might be useful for. In a pinch, if you need to store something and keep it dry while under way, I guess you could stick it in there.

Finally, I did not add any foam into the forward compartment, but should I ever decide to do so, I guess it would still be possible to do so, thanks to that inspection port.


RE: Inspection port - CY

I not only added the port to the vertical wall of my CY forward compartment, I added a second up front on the top. I use the forward compartment for storage as well as boyancy, but I also included an eye on the bow and the upper port allowed me access to the nuts on the back of the eye.

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